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Update: 16.10.2001

We try to add to the original project sources a generic installation and administration toolset including build documentation and supporting scripts/make files to get a installation done. We seek a quality solution that can stand up to the Open Source standards for excellent software development.

Further we want to integrate new features into the SF WebSite and SF Backend codebase. But this will be based on the alexanrdia source tarball to not loose the connection to

In the past (before 23.08.2001) we hoped to join our efforts with the original Team Sources. Today, we are worried about how VA Linux will be moving the Sourceforge Open Edition in the coming months and years. At 23.08.2001 VA Linux changes the terms and conditions for the codebase of ( read this  for more ). If we see that VA Linux gives Sourceforge Open Edition no attention, does not release new versions with better code, bug fixes integrated, and so on, WE the whole community must think about how we as community can drive an Offspring of the VA Linux version into the direction we want it to be. Or we seek a reimplementation. phpgroupware could be a good start.

We want to join forces with all developers and projects that are interested in developing further on development platforms like Sourceforge. Please contact us at

Sourceforge Versions and Installation notes:

SF 2.0

SF2.5 ( sf-genericinst doc modules, second general installation, how-to-modularize, mandrake rpm)

SF 2.6 and CVS



You can find the project on:
You can find a troubleshooting guide here.
If you want to get in contact with me please use a forum of the project or E-Mail me.

We have mailinglists you can find here.

Frank Schulte

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